« Essius », this palindrome reveals more than a country but an attitude, a lifestyle, a philosophy. A sober literary acrobatic feat reserved to those who know, a word that reveals its full meaning when looked at closely. The « Essius » approach fol- lows the same principles. A men’s ready-to-wear house founded in Zurich, passionately attached to the classicism of men’s clothes, yet eager to build a new bridge between tailoring expertise and daring creativity.


In Switzerland, the general sense of conventionalism is often poked at by small bits of audacity. The « Essius » line aims to be a new area for aesthetic transgression through meticulous details. « We want to be mystics of the detail » wrote Hugo Ballet Richard Huelsenbeck, pioneer of the Dada movement. The idea carried by this artistic generation born in Zurich to « create a new beautiful » by breaking the established status quo of the discipline is at the core of « Essius ». The determi- nation living in the heart of ambitious men has such an appeal.


A second palindrome made its way into our the jacket linings: « Engage le jeu, que je le gagne » (« Start the game so I can win it »). It speaks to the energetic, strong-willed and aware « Essius » man. A man who is looking for a freshly mod- ern aesthetic which is never out-of-place. Sharp shoulders and fully canvassed fabrics shape a very acute silhouette while keen lines and angular outlines make the look very dynamic. Of all the impactful details incorporated in the « Essius » pieces, one particularly stands out: a curve inspired by the lounge chair designed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier, the LC4. It draws the contour of the blazers and coats’ lapels, becoming the « Essius » signature.The attention to detail does not stop on a visual level. Buttonholes and milanaises are sewed by hand, with the flawless quality of Italian manufacturing.